Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Threaded Journeys

If you are traveling to or from Austin, do check out my show in the West Gallery (behind the store - BookPeople) at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport,  near gates 11 and 12.

Threaded Journeys, ABIA, August 8 – November 1, 2017

I invite you to join me on the journey from blank canvas to completed artwork. My design work often starts with black and white marks, adding symbolic colors and shapes to reflect emotions and events in my life. Pockets of intense color represent my interaction with the world in which I live.

For the most part, my work starts out as a pristine piece of solid fabric. The journey begins in a dye bath or with discharge to create the background, then paint brush, stencil or syringe, to add accent colors. The design may be a result of serendipity or a purposeful application of color. Often, I add machine piecing, stitching, applique or hand stitching to create depth and interest in the piece. Printing, stenciling, painting, stitching, appliqueing and other techniques of fabric manipulation are all involved in getting my designs onto the cloth.

Threaded Journeys is a display of my fiber art that brings together a collection of my techniques and methods. I like to work extemporaneously and in the abstract. The simple line of a geometric shape, the blast of a colorful line, or the contrast of black against white makes my canvas sing. Many of my works combine my love of paint on fabric and geometric shapes, making the compositions appear abstract at first glance. I invite you to inspect them and explore the abstractions I have created. As you get closer, the detail, texture and subtle color changes will become evident.

This exhibit includes fiber art pieces with fabric manipulated with discharge, paint, dyes, stitching, embroidery, and recycled materials.

With many experiences yet to encounter, many dyes and paints to explore, and many yards of fabric to tangle with, I hope my abstract art will provoke you and bring a smile to your face.


  1. Just saw your art at the airport- stunning!! Stopped me dead in my tracks. Do you sell your pieces?

  2. Hi, Sherri. When I landed in Austin I discovered your beautiful fiber art, so as I flew out I found it again to enjoy and photograph and read about. I am also a fiber artist and I was attending the birthday party for my brother and brought him a piece of my fiber art. What a treat to see your work! www.marthaginn.com

  3. Just saw your exhibit here in Austin. Absolutely stunning!!

  4. Beautiful artwork! Made my day to see it. Thank you so much for sharing.