Artist Statement

I like to work extemporaneously and in the abstract. Bright colors tend to excite me, as well as geometry and asymmetry. I typically work in the moment, working with paints and dyes on fabric, creating serendipitous designs. The simple line of a geometric shape, the blast of a colorful line, or the contrast of black against white makes my canvas sing.

My tools of choice include fabric reactive dyes, paints, and a host of threads. I use artist created Thermofax screens and stencils, paints, inks and dyes to detail my designs.

I believe in giving back to the art community, and because of this, I have donated my time and works of art for fund raising causes to the following organizations: Texas Federation of Fiber Artists, Austin Fiber Artists, Austin Area Quilt Guild, International Quilt Association, Studio Art Quilt Associates, Surface Design Association and the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.

I realize that I have many experiences yet to encounter, many dyes and paints to explore, and many yards of fabric to tangle with. I hope my abstract art provokes the viewer and brings a smile to one’s face.


  1. Your artwork is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing in this thoughtful format. I am honored to have been able to call you friend for all these years.
    Frances Holliday Alford.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Frances. I treasure our friendship and the artful adventures we have shared.