Thursday, November 1, 2018

Quilt Visions 2018: Connections

So very honored to be included in Quilt Visions 2018: Connections at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California. The artwork was very inspirational and the museum staff delightful to work with. It was such a thrill to participate in the artists talk and to meet the other exhibiting artists. We turned the opening into a great family vacation, with my husband and daughters joining me in the festivities.

Sherri at Quilt Visions 2018: Connections
Natalie, Sherri and Mae

Branches Yellow, 2017, 52”x27” 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

San Antonio, Texas - SAQA Conference Review 2018

I attended the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) conference, TEXtiles, in San Antonio, Texas  early in April. What an inspirational time I had. I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. I served on the Special Events Committee, so I had some insight into the amount of planning and number of volunteer hours it took to pull this conference off.

It was exciting to be in a room of about two hundred people who ‘get me’, if you know what I mean. I sat with friends from Facebook in the flesh. I got to share meals with ‘rock stars’ of the art quilting world. I heard some informative and entertaining talks. It was a time to connect with like artists and to share our thoughts, techniques and experiences in an informal setting.

The hotel setting was on the Riverwalk and close to many historical sites. The conference included a variety of activities including, a cruise on the river, SAQA committee presentations on regional energy through local connections and upcoming 3D exhibitions. There were great breakout sessions from Miki Rodriguez (Design Rebel), Heather Grant (Best Practices for Professional Art Instructors), Lynne Koolish (Back to Basics-Design Basics, That Is), and Carole Staples (TEXtiles Gallery Talk). The Lightening Talks, 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide, were educational and entertaining. My talk on “Secrets of Painted Threads” was fun to put together, and a little intimidating to present.

During some of the free time, I toured a couple of the Mission sites and ate some great food!

The spotlight auction included over 200 donated pieces. The auction took in just over $22,000!   I managed to ‘win’ two pieces to add to my collection. Here’s a photo of the piece I donated -
“Orange Notes”, 2018, 8”x6”

I had a chance to attend the rep meeting and gain insight into being an effective SAQA rep for my Texas region and enjoy a couple meals with the SAQA board. I led a JAM (Juried Art Member) photo scavenger hunt with Susie Monday. In a breakout session I listened as Lynne Koolish discussed design elements. I heard Heather Grant share insight on proposing class offerings in the quilt world, and I sat in on a critique session with Judith Trager.

The keynote presentations from Meg Cox and Jane Dunnewold were a great way to end the conference.

Meg presented “Tips and Tricks for Giving Memorable Lectures Every Time”. She shared some personal stories and included five tips: 1. Open yourself up wide to the audience, 2. Be dramatic: good lectures are theatrical, 3. Humor is good: self-deprecating humor is better, 4. Practice! Practice! Practice! and 5. Stage fright is real: make it your friend.

Jane spoke about “Standing Tall: Artists as Stewards of Our World”. She presented the seven chakras and how we can apply them to nurturing our artists selves. Jane summed up the seven challenges with her personal seven-line phrase, which she considers her daily practice - 7. Stay in present time, 6. Seek only the Truth, 5. Surrender your will to God, 4. Love is the only true power, 3. Honor Thyself, 2. Honor one another, 1. All is One.

You can listen to her lecture here: “Standing Tall: Artists as Stewards of Our World”

The TEXtiles regional exhibit showed a great variety of Texas themed quilts. I had three pieces in the exhibit- 

"Triangled", 2016, 40"x40"

"Rescued Scraps", 2017, 24"x24"

"So It Flows", 2018, 48"x32"

Perks included a custom designed conference bag filled with fun items and a great printed program with all of the attendees’ email addresses. It was a great way to connect with old and new SAQA friends.

Future SAQA conference locations are:
San Jose, California – April 25-28, 2019
Toronto, Canada – March 19-22, 2020

If you are interested in more details on the conference, shoot me an email at

Friday, December 1, 2017

Celebrating Fiber at the JGallery

I have curated a fiber show, “Celebrating Fibers”, for the Austin Fiber Artists(AFA). Please join AFA for the opening reception of ‘Celebrating Fiber’ at the JGallery, 7300 Hart Lane, Austin, Texas on Tuesday, December 5 from 7-8:30pm. The show runs from December 4, 2017-January 22, 2018. A number of SAQA members have work included in this show.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Visions 2017: Interpretations: Conversations

I had a great time as one of the selected artists at the Visions Art Museum for "Interpretations: Conversations" in San Diego, California. The show included a variety of incredible artwork. So proud to be included in this collection of talented artists!

Art Cloth Network was well represented with 
Sherri Lipman McCauley and Mary Vaneecke.

Mary Vaneecke with "Frozen in Time II".

 Sherri Lipman McCauley with "Layers of the Truth".

Austin Fiber Artists at The Copper Shade Tree Art Gallery

I have just curated an exhibit for the Austin Fiber Artists. If you are in the Round Top, Texas neighborhood, stop by The Copper Shade Tree Art Gallery to see, "Stretched Threads". Participating artists include: Lynne Allen, Diane Barney, Susan Bedsaul, Lorraine Bier, Donna Bone, Mary Macaulay, Sherri Lipman McCauley, Patrice Meffley, Anita Mester, Amy Nelson, Sara Sharp, Carolyn Skei, Marie Spaulding, Marinda Stewart, Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert, Marie Welsch, and Meg Wilson.

Here are photos of my pieces:

Circular Roads, 12"x12"x1.5".

Blue Depths, 12"x12"x1.5".

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Threaded Journeys

If you are traveling to or from Austin, do check out my show in the West Gallery (behind the store - BookPeople) at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport,  near gates 11 and 12.

Threaded Journeys, ABIA, August 8 – November 1, 2017

I invite you to join me on the journey from blank canvas to completed artwork. My design work often starts with black and white marks, adding symbolic colors and shapes to reflect emotions and events in my life. Pockets of intense color represent my interaction with the world in which I live.

For the most part, my work starts out as a pristine piece of solid fabric. The journey begins in a dye bath or with discharge to create the background, then paint brush, stencil or syringe, to add accent colors. The design may be a result of serendipity or a purposeful application of color. Often, I add machine piecing, stitching, applique or hand stitching to create depth and interest in the piece. Printing, stenciling, painting, stitching, appliqueing and other techniques of fabric manipulation are all involved in getting my designs onto the cloth.

Threaded Journeys is a display of my fiber art that brings together a collection of my techniques and methods. I like to work extemporaneously and in the abstract. The simple line of a geometric shape, the blast of a colorful line, or the contrast of black against white makes my canvas sing. Many of my works combine my love of paint on fabric and geometric shapes, making the compositions appear abstract at first glance. I invite you to inspect them and explore the abstractions I have created. As you get closer, the detail, texture and subtle color changes will become evident.

This exhibit includes fiber art pieces with fabric manipulated with discharge, paint, dyes, stitching, embroidery, and recycled materials.

With many experiences yet to encounter, many dyes and paints to explore, and many yards of fabric to tangle with, I hope my abstract art will provoke you and bring a smile to your face.

Friday, July 7, 2017

My First Solo Show!

My first solo show, "Painted Threads", has opened at the Lake Travis Community Library in Lakeway, 1938 Lohmans Crossing Road. If you are in the neighborhood, do stop by and take a look.