Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Breast Pockets

Melanie Testa has challenged her artist friends to make 1000 breast pockets as a testament to women who chose not to have reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. I decided to join in her endeavor, and have made 18 pockets to honor friends and family. Eighteen is a spiritual number in Judaism. It is believed that the letters in the word chai add up to 18, so chai and the number 18 are symbolic for life. 

This project turned into a meditative activity for me. Caught me off guard. My sister, Ellen, passed away in 2001 due to breast cancer. For a long time, I could not deal with the breast cancer issue. As the years have passed, I am now able to acknowledge the villain that breast cancer is, and fight it in my own way.

 Here’s to my friends and family that have fought and are still dealing with the villainous ways of breast cancer. These pockets are a symbol of my love and admiration for you.

 Here's a link to Melly's blog: Melly's Breast Pockets

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