Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Art House

Today is my day to show off my house, so come with me as we tour 'The Art House'.

Here's a list of the participating artists, their houses and blogs to tour:
Susan Else (website) May 2

Frances Holliday Alford May 3

Pamela Allen (website) May 4

Frieda Anderson May 5

Lisa Call May 6

Jane Davila May 9

Naomi Adams May 10

Jamie Fingal May 11

Barb Forrister May 12

Vickie Hallmark May 13

Connie Hudson May 16

Leslie Jenison May 17

Sherri McCauley May 18

Judy Perez May 19

Melanie Testa May 20

Laura Wasilowski May 23

Kathy York May 24

My house is a 24 inches tall with a roof based on a Non La (Vietnamese word for “Straw Hat”, conical in shape).Each wall is composed of surface designed fabric layered with Timtex and lined in contrasting fabric. The fabrics I used I have screen printed or hand painted with fabric paints. Each wall is unique with cut out windows covered in colored screens. The roof was created by cutting out a circle of Timtex, then collaging the surface with pieces of yarns, ribbons, foil and recycled objects. By slashing the circle from the center to the edge, I was able to overlap the edges creating a conical shape with a point. The edges were then velcroed together to give the roof shape. The entry door is embossed metal with a contrasting metal latch glued on for security.

The construction of the house includes lacing the corners together with satin cording of contrasting colors. The walls are stabilized by lashing ¼” dowels inside each corner.

The Walls in Progress

The Roof

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