Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come See Some Great Quilts

Come see some of my quilts, along with others from the Austin Area Quilt Guild at the Corridor of Art at 700 Lavaca Street in Austin, Texas. They will remain on display from Jan 9th through Mar 5th, 2011.

Black Swirls

Black Swirls, 32”wide by 44” long. Color blocks of primary colors with accents of black swirl around in this abstract collage. Hand dyed and painted fabrics were created with a combination of paints, dyes, silk screens and stencils. Machine pieced and quilted. Using fabrics from my stash along with some newly painted fabrics, this quilt came together a block at a time. I enjoy the abstract, so the quilt was designed as I worked with the fabrics, one block at a time.

Getting Ready to Create

I am getting ready to start my creative journey in the studio. Hoping to spend more time with my artwork and less time with the mundane tasks. Here's to letting the creative juices flow!!